If you’re moving house, the chances are you’re looking to save some money along the way – moving is one of the most expensive and stressful things you’ll ever do.  Whether you are moving from a studio or one bed apartment, or from a large dethatched house with a swimming pool and pool house, hiring a man and van service can work out far more affordable than paying for the services of a larger removal company. Furthermore, with so many of these services popping up across London (and other major UK cities), it’s never been easier to find one near you, yet never been more difficult to assess their quality, reliability and insurance coverage. Choose the best Man and Van London has to offer and your move will be a comparative dream. Choose badly and the nightmare just got a whole lot more Freddie Krueger. But how do you know which service to choose?  Here are some pointers to guide you along the way.

Check out their prices

This is key when hiring a man and van service.  Many websites will allow you to request a quote, or will offer a fixed fee service to certain destinations.  Always check what this includes – is it based on a certain mileage and if you go over will you be charged extra?  Many services are run by the drivers themselves or are small, family businesses, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for a quote – they’re usually very friendly.

Have a look at the website

Whilst some services have a very basic website, you should be able to get any extra information  you might need here – they’ll usually show the type of van used and its dimensions, so you can figure out whether there will be enough space for your belongings.

Give them a call

If you have any questions about the service, drivers, the type of assistance provided and whether or not there will be enough space in the van for your boxes, give the company a call.  It’s often easier to sort these details out over the phone rather than back and forth emails – and you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like, hopefully resulting in a booking.

Last minute moves

Many man and van services in the city are fairly flexible and can often offer last minute moves or deliveries.  If you’ve recently moved into a new property and have bought some second hand furniture, but don’t have a car to collect it, you can book a man and van service to pick it up for you at a very reasonable rate!  It helps to be organised and book your removal as far in advance as possible, as man and van services are quite often busy – particularly around peak periods such as summer and the start of university terms, when many students utilise their value for money services.

Choosing the best man and van service doesn’t have to be an impossible task – just hunt around until you find the best deal.



Moving to a new location is an exciting adventure; except for uprooting that multitude of stuff you planted when moving was the furthest thing from your mind. Just the thought of all that packing and skidding furniture around makes a person want to stay home and forget it.

Don’t do that! A professional moving company can make your move organized, safe and a lot more enjoyable than you anticipated.

Most people are concerned about the cost of hiring a moving company. However, some factors need to be considered. How much time do you actually have to devote to the move?Packing breakable goods can take a lot of time, and the chances are fairly good that there can be damage. Why? Because you are not nearly as experienced at it as a professional, who does it day after day. In fact, many household insurance policies do not cover losses in transit unless they are packed by residential movers.Picture a move without all that tiresome planning, packing and loading of breakables. Picture yourself NOT starting all over again by unloading it!

Moving your own furniture can be a backache, literally. Moving furniture out of older homes often proves a challenge. Sometimes stairs are a bit too steep, and doorways a little too narrow. Just one chip or tumble, and suddenly Grandma’s antique armoire has a distressed veneer.Experienced movers are adept at improving the outcome by dismantling and reassembling certain furniture pieces, if necessary. They even move pianos. Yes, the piano can be such a tremendous moving challenge that most people are tempted to leave it behind for someone else to enjoy. Not quite!
Moving contractors have specialist trolleys to transport pianos, and a special ‘shoe’ that can be strapped to the side of a grand piano which allows it to be rested on its side upon the trolley. This sounds touch-and-go, but the ‘shoe’ efficiently prevents damage to the finish or body of the instrument.The thought of moving the office provokes a sudden vision of all those documents in drawers and s scramble of computer equipment. To put the icing on the cake, the desk weighs a ton, and your office is on the 3rd floor. Professional movers take it all into consideration for a smooth and efficient transition.

Professional moving companies are often affiliated with storage units, should that be desired. Occasionally, a new home may not be ready for occupancy, for various reasons. It would be within reason to panic, with all worldly goods stashed on a truck, but don’t worry! Storage units are available to safely store all valuables. Specialized storage units are for rent all over the country andshort or long-term storage is available.A professional moving company is efficient and affordable. Bills are estimated by over-all weight of the shipment, or by cubic feet.The time and peace of mind a professional mover saves is very valuable!


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Ever wonder what the differences are amongst Toronto movers? In his blogs Mike Reid discusses how to make your big day easy with the help of top movers in Toronto, whether you are moving across town or across the country.


If you are planning on relocating to a city within California, you may want to stop for a moment and look at a map. If your route would take you up Pacific Coast Highway then you will probably want to travel by car in order to get the most out of the scenery. This is why moving to California may require the use of professional movers so that you can spend your time enjoying the tip rather than dealing with the stress involved in moving.

Moving in itself can be a mighty chore to undertake. It seems foolish to try and save literally a few dollars and move your own things rather than let a pro do it and enjoy your trip. This is especially if you have kids who have never seen the gorgeous California coast. There is really nothing quite like it. During some times of the year there are lovely wildflowers growing all along the coast and it is a sight to be reckoned with. Chances are if you waste your time being stressed out then you will wind up being very sorry later that you missed out.

We always think we can do things later but perhaps this move will be the one and only time you and your families gets to see the awesome sights coastal California offers. If you hire the right moving company then you will have nothing to think about other than what stops you are going to make along the way. In most cases your movers can have all your items to your new home before you even arrive, provided you planned everything accordingly.

I recently had the opportunity of helping my recent college graduate son to move from his apartment to my home, where he stayed with me temporarily. There were three large boxes, two 40 gallon trash bags filled with clothes and a bicycle, all of which fit in the back my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This made me reminiscent about a similar move I made back in the late 70s where all my worldly possessions occupied only about half of the back of a Volkswagen station wagon.

I have moved on many occasions since then, and each time the logistics became more and more complex. There were several early moves that involved a couple of friends and a pickup truck. Several years’ worth of accumulation later, it was rental trucks equipped with vehicle tow bars.

Finally, there were houses and kids involved, so I had no choice except to hire a moving company.

The first time, I was fortunate enough to receive a corporate relocation from a company that wanted me to relocate to upstate New York. Everything was handled for me; all I had to do was leave one place and show up at another. The relocation consultant from the moving agency even gave me a couple of coffee mugs.

Unfortunately, the economy floundered and I decided to re-locate to Colorado, but this time, however, I was on my own for making all the arrangements and hiring a moving company. I have to say that the experience was mostly positive other than the fact that the driver of the moving van had little concern for the fact that I spent four days in my new location with none of my furniture and other stuff.

I truly did not appreciate that aspect of the move, so those of you who recognize irony might see it in the reality that not long after arriving, I went to work as a Sales Representative for a moving company.

It is from this perspective of being on the giving rather than the receiving end of moving services that I offer you these simple tips to decide whether to perform a move on your own or to hire professional movers.

It basically boils down to this: If you are moving over 100 miles and you can afford it, hire a moving company. To avoid the scenario of the truck driver showing up on his schedule rather than yours, insist on a performance waiver that carries a per diem penalty for the movers not showing up at the destination on the agreed upon date. Other than a clause that gives them some leeway with regard to weather related delays, this will save you from sleeping on the floor of an empty house or forking out money for a hotel.

Secondly, some moving companies will try to entice you with a small discount for paying in advance. Don’t do this. At one time, moving companies were demanding upfront payment in full, even claiming that interstate moving regulations required them to collect their fee in advance, but don’t settle for this. At most, offer to pay 50 percent in advance. Getting paid at the termination of a move is a very effective motivation for showing up on time.

Finally, insist on an on-site estimate. Many US and Canadian moving companies base their rates on averages compiled from years of experience, but the actual price is based on weight, volume and distance, so you could end up being charged the same price as someone with much heavier items if you don’t insist on an actual estimate.

Moving can be a stressful process, whether it’s making a move a few streets away or going across the country or international. Between packing and looking around for a new place, it’s enough to make you want to get in place and never move again. However, there are ways to make the process of moving a bit easier, particularly if you keep these top five tips in mind:

•    Scout out the new place ahead of time: Before you pack the first box or schedule your moving truck, take a trip to your new place and just walk around to get a feel for the space. Even if it means taking a weekend long before your actual moving date to fly out to walk around your new community and spend time in your house before you fill it with your “stuff,” this gives you an idea of just how much you can feasibly bring along and fit in the new place. You may find that you want to leave more behind that you originally anticipated once you see the empty space and gauge how much of it you’ve really got.

•    Start packing early: Don’t wait until moving day to get started on your packing. Pack a few boxes each day so that you aren’t overwhelmed with packing, but progress is still being made each day.

•    Schedule vehicle transportation company for your vehicle: If you are just moving a few blocks, then you can certainly take your own vehicle. However, if you are moving across the country, consider hiring an auto transport company to drive your car for you. Not only does this reduce the hassle on you, but also it ensures that your car arrives at your destination in a timely manner.

•    Plan ahead to have some help moving: If you know you need some help moving your stuff, ask around in advance to give people time to make plans to help. The last thing you want is to realize you need assistance and start asking at the last minute only to find that no one can help. If you ask in advance, people can schedule in the time and commit to assisting you in your move.

•    Give yourself plenty of time: Don’t wait until the absolute last day you have to be out to start packing or even moving boxes. Give yourself time to accommodate for mishaps and issues that may arise when moving somewhere. If you start moving well in advance, then you’ve got some wiggle room should anything go wrong.

Make sure that you don’t become a victim of moving fraud! Check out Protectyourmove.gov before you ship your household goods.

This is a guest post from Movers Corp.com, online portal of local movers and moving labor providers.
There are many times in a professional’s career that they are going to find themselves having to relocate. This can be a tedious process that tries the patient of the professional, yet it is something that is unavoidable as the person simply has to go where the work is.

Those professionals that are getting ready to relocate should keep in mind a few things. First off, they will want to know where their employer is going to pay for this relocation. If so, then half the stress of relocating is going to be taken away from the professional. If not, then the person will find that they are going to have to do this out of their own pocket. Yet, they should realize that these moves that are mandatory for their job are something that they can deduct from their taxes, thus they should keep all receipts and make sure that they are doing everything by the book to get the biggest deduction.

Once you know where you are going to move, the time comes to figure out just how you are going to do this. Those that have their employer paying for this will find that they will usually provide a service that is going to come in and do everything for them. This is great as it will free the professional up to keep working and to also make arrangements in their new home for themselves and their family. However, if you are doing this yourself, then you should still consider paying a service to do this for you.

Those professionals that decide to do the move themselves, with the help of no relocating service are going to find that they will be better off to move those things that are necessities only. For example, many professionals often move and they do not take their furniture with them at every move, simply because it increases the price of what they are paying. Instead, they rent their furniture or they end up renting homes that are already furnished. Either option is something to consider since it can save you money in the long run, especially if you relocate often.

Professionals are going to find that relocating is just a part of the game. However, this does not have to be something that they go into alone. They will find that various services out there are meant to help with this and their assistance can be invaluable as they will arrange pick up, drop off and everything in between.

When it comes to moving which one is easier? Hiring a moving company or doing all the moving yourself? Let’s take a look at both options.

When hiring a moving company you let all the moving and packing up to them. They bring all the packing materials and boxes and pack everything by room then seal the box and mark what room it is to go into. They pack the moving van and transport all your furniture and belonging to you new home. They proceed to unload the truck putting each box and each piece of furniture in the appropriate room. Even kitchen appliances are taken directly to the kitchen. The only thing you need to do is tell them where the boxes go, answer any of their questions as they move you out or move you in and unpack the boxes. The moving company covers all of your furniture with protective blankets and carefully packs all fragile items in protective bubble wrap or something equally as protective.

The price range on hiring a moving company varies according to each company, the number of men used and what you want them to do exactly on moving day. All moving companies are insured against theft, damage, breakage, missing items and disaster. Moving companies charge by the mile so that is something you need to consider before hiring a moving company. You also want to consider that as they take lunch or breaks you are paying for that also. Most moving companies are reputable and only take the breaks they are supposed to take for the amount of time they are supposed to take. However, other moving companies will tend to “pad the bill” so to speak and take frequent breaks and longer lunches. Less reputable moving companies will also intentionally bring fewer men to do the job so they can take more frequent breaks.

If you prefer to do all of the moving yourself and rent a truck and all of your moving equipment and supplies, you may have a lot more work ahead of you. First thing you need to do is rent the right size truck. Always rent a larger truck than you think you will need because believe it or not you will use all of the space. Rental companies also charge by the mile so if you rent a larger truck you will have fewer trips to make and save money on the mileage. The cost to rent a truck is also higher on weekends and holiday. So when you plan to move try to do it during the week, as the rental cost and mileage are both cheaper. You can also save even more money if you are only moving across town. Many rental companies charge cheaper rates to customers that are only moving a few blocks or on the other side of town. When renting accessories such as dollies and blankets remember that the rate is charged by the day. As for packing materials such as bubble wrap you have the option of buying a roll or sheets.

Moving is a never no one enjoys doing. All the packing, loading, transporting, unpacking and arranging your new home is not only time consuming but also exhausting work.

It’s hard enough when only moving across town but when moving across the state or across the country it is a completely different moving experience. Now you need to prepare yourself and all of your belongings for a long distance trip.

When preparing for a long distance move there are several things you need to do. The first thing is to pack all of your smaller items in boxes with packing material that will make them safe and secure and won’t break during the long distance trip. There are stores that only sell products for moving such as various size boxes, packing material and tape. Be sure to choose the right size boxes for the items you are packing. For example, if you are packing dishes and stemware, you should choose a box that will hold only the dishes and another box for the glasses. Wrap each dish and each glass separately in bubble wrap and place them gently in the carton. When finished top the box off with packing peanuts and seal tightly with packing tape. Be sure to mark the box on the outside what is inside and what room it is to go into.

When packing larger items say books or other less fragile items, be sure not to overload the box. Books can be extremely heavy. When packing the box only place approximately 4 to 6 books in one box. Place the lid on the box, secure it with packing tape and again mark on the outside what is in inside and what room it goes into.

When packing large items such as stereo equipment, you want to be very careful of how you tape up the wires. When securing the wires tape them to the unit. You may also want to label them where they get plugged into. This helps when you arrive at your destination and want to hook up your stereo system. When it comes to packing the speakers if they are the larger floor models they do not need to be packed. However, they do need to have the wires wrapped up and tape to the back of the speaker. Be sure to cover the speakers with bubble wrap and taped to protect them during the move. If you have an extensive collection of CD’s you might want to pack them in small boxes and mark on the outside which CD’s are in the box.

Even though a long distance move can be an exhaustive chore, it can be more enjoyable when you have peace of mind knowing that all of your personal belongings have been wrapped and packed securely.

If you would like to know where to buy boxes and packing materials in your local area all you need to do is search online. There are hundreds of moving stores that carry all the items you need for a safe long distance move.

Everyone is always look for tips and tricks to make their moving day easier. Moving is always a big day and can be very stressful and exhausting.

To make packing small things a bit easier and more convenient try packing small things that are all for one room together. For example, all kids small toys in one box and mark on the outside for what child and what room. Same for small kitchen appliances. Pack all lightweight kitchen appliances in one small box again marking the box on the outside.

Now on the other end of the moving scale never forget about packing materials. Choose tape that is strong and very sticky. Many packing tapes might be strong but they are not every sticky and end up coming lose that the box coming open. Always use extra packing materials such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap comes two ways. In sheets measured to cover various size items or one roll where you can take off as much as you need. Bubble wrap is definitely better and stronger than packing peanuts. Packing peanuts are great for glassware and china, however, there are a few disadvantage. Packing peanuts can become lose when packed in a box if you don’t use enough. They also can be more expensive to buy than bubble wrap.

Always remember not to over pack the boxes. Just because everything fits doesn’t mean it should all go in one box. This is especially true when packing books and items of similar weight. Try packing several small boxes instead of one big one.

If considering renting a moving truck, remember to choose a size that is going to fit all of the rooms in your home including all your furniture. Most rental companies will ask you how many bedrooms in your home and advise what size truck to rent accordingly. Many homes have smaller rooms as well as attics and various sized closets. Some of the storage areas are large enough to count as another room in your home. For example, if you have a two bedroom home but also have a living room, family room, formal dining room, etc. your best bet is to rent at 24 foot truck as opposed to an 18 foot truck which may be recommended by the rental company.

If you are considering hiring a moving company all your work will be done for you including packing all of your personal belongings. You may pay a bit more to hire a moving company, however, it is worth it in the long run.

To find out which rental truck companies and which moving companies are in your local area, all you need to do is search online. One you have a list starting calling around to see which one will best suit your needs. Remember to get all the packing supplies you will need even if you decide to hire a moving company. Some moving companies will not bring a sufficient amount so it will pay to have some on hand.

It’s a do it yourself type of world today. Everyone enjoys doing their own remodeling jobs and anything they can do themselves. Even when it comes to moving, most people prefer to move themselves.

There are many rental companies available today where you can rent your own moving van complete with accessories and packing supplies. There are many different sizes you can rent from a small van to a huge 24-foot truck. There are all kinds of accessories also that you can rent such as flat bed dollies for furniture, upright dollies for boxes, packing materials, tape, and a wide variety of different size boxes. You can even rent huge boxes to hang clothes in for transport.

When considering renting a moving truck there are a few things you should think about. The first thing is to determine exactly what size moving truck you will need. The best way to determine this is to walk around your home and make a list of all the furniture. Range the list from the largest to the smallest piece of furniture but do not include mattresses and box springs. Most moving trucks have an area called the bulkhead, which is right above the cab. This is where all bedding is stored. The size is usually equal to a double size bed so if you have a larger bed or a custom bed you will have to place it in the main area of the truck and using the straps to secure it into position. Be sure to rent a size larger than what you actually will need. This is in case you end up with more boxes than you planned on moving.

The next step is to make a list of how many boxes you will need and the sizes. Be sure to ask at the moving store how many rolls of tape and packing materials you will need. Most centers can determine how many rolls of tape and packing materials you will need by the number and size of boxes you buy.

When moving furniture such as couches, love seats, upholstered chairs and such it’s easier to wheel them to the truck on a flat bed dolly than trying to have a few people to do the job. It will also be easier to take them out of the truck the same way and wheel them into your new home.

Rental truck charges go according to the size of the truck and the location of your moving destination. There are also separate charges for any moving accessories you need. You don’t buy them they are rented, however, the rental rate for these items is usually a daily flat rate. If you are moving locally, be sure to mention that to the rental company as there are cheaper rates for local moves.

For a list of rent a truck companies in your local area, try searching online. Be sure to call around and get prices. Be sure to ask what they charge per mile and if there are any sales or discounts going on.