Moving Is All About Preparation And Having Help

Moving to a new location is an exciting adventure; except for uprooting that multitude of stuff you planted when moving was the furthest thing from your mind. Just the thought of all that packing and skidding furniture around makes a person want to stay home and forget it.

Don’t do that! A professional moving company can make your move organized, safe and a lot more enjoyable than you anticipated.

Most people are concerned about the cost of hiring a moving company. However, some factors need to be considered. How much time do you actually have to devote to the move?Packing breakable goods can take a lot of time, and the chances are fairly good that there can be damage. Why? Because you are not nearly as experienced at it as a professional, who does it day after day. In fact, many household insurance policies do not cover losses in transit unless they are packed by residential movers.Picture a move without all that tiresome planning, packing and loading of breakables. Picture yourself NOT starting all over again by unloading it!

Moving your own furniture can be a backache, literally. Moving furniture out of older homes often proves a challenge. Sometimes stairs are a bit too steep, and doorways a little too narrow. Just one chip or tumble, and suddenly Grandma’s antique armoire has a distressed veneer.Experienced movers are adept at improving the outcome by dismantling and reassembling certain furniture pieces, if necessary. They even move pianos. Yes, the piano can be such a tremendous moving challenge that most people are tempted to leave it behind for someone else to enjoy. Not quite!
Moving contractors have specialist trolleys to transport pianos, and a special ‘shoe’ that can be strapped to the side of a grand piano which allows it to be rested on its side upon the trolley. This sounds touch-and-go, but the ‘shoe’ efficiently prevents damage to the finish or body of the instrument.The thought of moving the office provokes a sudden vision of all those documents in drawers and s scramble of computer equipment. To put the icing on the cake, the desk weighs a ton, and your office is on the 3rd floor. Professional movers take it all into consideration for a smooth and efficient transition.

Professional moving companies are often affiliated with storage units, should that be desired. Occasionally, a new home may not be ready for occupancy, for various reasons. It would be within reason to panic, with all worldly goods stashed on a truck, but don’t worry! Storage units are available to safely store all valuables. Specialized storage units are for rent all over the country andshort or long-term storage is available.A professional moving company is efficient and affordable. Bills are estimated by over-all weight of the shipment, or by cubic feet.The time and peace of mind a professional mover saves is very valuable!


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